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Ceramica VITOS Kerámia

Our company deals with the processing of traditional forms of the Ciuc pottery, forms that have been created along centuries according to the necessities and aesthetic sense of the people. These traditional forms and shapes need to be adopted and integrated into our modern way of life.

The pottery of the Ciuc territory is made of a special kind of clay, resistant to very high temperature, in the colours red and black. The clay is very rich in Ferum Oxide even in its natural state, so the product gets a very pleasant red colour after having been burnt. The burning takes place in electric automatic kilns at a temperature of 1000 degree Celsius. The black ceramics is produced by means of burning too in traditional kilns which use gas instead of fire-wood.

We constantly strive to produce new products alongside the traditional ones. Centric shaped ceramics are hand-made using the potter’s wheel; the asymmetrical ones are obtained by moulding. All the other works are done manually, until we get the final product. Our pottery is wrapped in recyclable paper or in boxes according to the preferences of our customers.

Our company was founded in 1990, and it is continuously modernizing and extending. We concentrate on the quality of our products and on satisfying the taste of our customers.

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